What to Text Message a Girl You Like

Learning what to text a girl you like can really add a lot of value to your texting interactions. Start getting better results by knowing what to say and how to say it. A lot of guys wonder, what are some tips on texting a girl you like? Making a girl laugh over text will make her feel good and help her associate positive feelings to you. So having something funny to text a girl can really help improve your game. Working with the idea of the emotional push and pull will help you have more responsive and interesting texting conversations. You might enjoy these two topics on what to text that girl you really like.

What to Text Message a Girl You Like

Funny things to text a girl you like. You don’t just want to look up some lame one liners and text her a joke. A good example of a bad funny text might be “a budhist goes up to a hotdog vendor and says, make me one with everything”. Instead try and get a better idea of what kinds of things she finds funny and how you can come up with a relevant text to what she would enjoy. This isn’t really an example of a funny text but rather an in person example of how you can come up with a fun and relevant text for the girl you are interested in. If you are interested in a shy math girl this example might really appeal to you. Say you are wearing a shirt that says “3 x 23 = ?”; this equation works out to be 69. She might approach you and say “i really like your shirt” then you say “I like a girl who knows how to multiply”. This is sort of a funny and relevant way to interact with the kind of girl you are looking for. In the same way you can apply this concept to the girl you are texting and come up with a funny text for her. When you are trying to think of what to text message a girl you like try thinking of some funny texts to send to girls.

Emotional push and pull. This is a great concept to know when flirting with girls over text. The push pull works something like this; when you send a text that draws her interest in a way that makes her want to respond you have implemented the emotional push pull. One good way to do this is to use a little bit of mystery. An example of this might be “This homeless man just came up to me and said the most ridiculous thing”. This might draw her interest because you didn’t say what he said but you mentioned something that stands out in an interesting way. She might with curiosity asking “omg what did he say?” This puts you in a position where you are leading the conversation while holding her interest. Ideally this works best when the event is actually real so you aren’t just making up things to text. Keep your eyes open and pay attention to interesting things like this in your life. When you want to know how to flirt over text with a girl try testing out the emotional push and pull. This is great to know when you want to learn how to text a girl you like.

These are some good topics to get her to respond to your texts. You want the girl you like to respond with interest and this is one of the signs a girl likes you texting her. Show her happiness with fun text messages. Get her to be more responsive and show more interest by using the emotional push and pull. These two topics will really help you when you want to know what to text a girl you like.

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